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We are grateful to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala Mr Pinarayi Vijayan for his message during Panorama International Literature Festival 2023.

The national festival in India which is scheduled to be held from 29-31 of January 2023 is planned in a way it helps the delegates to have a closer look at Kerala and its rich cultural and traditional heritage.

Though the venue of the festival Central University of Kerala, the delegates will be gathering in three different locations in the northern district of Kerala which is famed as Sapta Bhasha Samgama Bhumi which means the land where 7 languages unite.


With the participation of the Kerala Film Academy owned by the state, the delegates will also have an opportunity to watch significant movies that will throw light upon various historical, cultural and traditional aspects of beautiful Kerala.

We invite you all to join this unique festival that we are sure, will not only enlighten your intellect but will also touch the very core of your heart!