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As we are closer to the Panorama International Literature Festival in India in the month of January 2023, look at the exciting locations of the festival in Kerala popularly known as God’s Own Country.

While the 3-days festival is planned in a way it helps the delegates to have a closer look at Kerala and its rich cultural and traditional heritage, apart from the main venue The Central University of Kerala, we have selected 3 most beautiful places in the region for our programmes.

MAIN VENUE: Central University of Kerala

The Central University of Kerala is founded on the noble vision of a ‘caring wisdom’ and is guided by the lofty ideals of academic and social commitment, moral steadfastness and intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

DAY 1: Bekal Fort

venue of Panorama festival 2023

Bekal Fort is a medieval fort built in 1650 AD, at Bekal. It is the largest fort in Kerala, spreading over 40 acres. It rises to 130 feet above sea level and is situated on a headland spanning 35km. Much effort has been put to develop a beautiful beach here called the Bekal Fort Beach.

DAY 2: Tejaswini River

venue of panorama festival

The mighty Tejaswini River originates from the Brahmagiri hills of the Coorg forest in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. The delegates will be travelling in its waters in a houseboat taking part in the events and being caressed by the majestic beauty of the celestial Tejaswini river.

Day 3: Ranipuram Hills

venue of panorama festivalRanipuram is a renowned tourist destination in the northern tip of Kerala. It is situated 750 m above sea level. It makes for a perfect location where one can even come across the occasional herd of elephants. It borders Karnataka and boasts some of the best trekking trails in the area.

With the participation of the Kerala Film Academy owned by the state, the delegates will also have an opportunity to watch significant movies that will throw light upon various historical, cultural and traditional aspects of beautiful Kerala.