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The Writers Capital Foundation is pleased to announce that the Panorama Golden Book Awards, one of the most prestigious literary awards in the world, will now be conducted regionally in all languages, starting from 2023. This initiative aims to ensure the inclusion of all world languages in the awards and give more authors the recognition they deserve.

Entries will be accepted throughout the year and regional awards will be announced in regular time periods. The awards will be for the best book in the language and 10 books that show the highest quality in various categories. The judging criteria include various elements such as quality of the work, relevance, and overall design of the book. The awards will also recognize the best publishing agencies across the world.

“We are thrilled to announce this expansion of the Panorama Golden Book Awards,” said Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, President and CEO of Writers Capital Foundation and Chairman of the jury. “By conducting the awards regionally in all languages, we hope to showcase the rich diversity of literature across the world and provide a platform for more authors to be recognized for their work.”

Irene Doura Kavadia, Secretary General of Writers Capital Foundation and a member of the jury, added, “The Panorama Golden Book Awards have always been about celebrating the best of literature, and we are excited to now include all languages in this celebration.”

In addition, the international awards will be announced during the Panorama International Literature Festival, which will feature the best books from each language. One book will be selected for the prestigious Panorama International Golden Book Award.

Johanna Devadayavu, Chief Operating Officer of the Writers Capital Foundation and a member of the jury, said, “We are committed to recognizing and promoting the best literature from around the world. The Panorama Golden Book Awards will continue to be a hallmark of excellence in the literary world.”

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that all participants in the Panorama Golden Book Awards will receive prestigious Panorama Golden Book Award Nomination certificates, recognizing their contribution to literature.

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