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The results of the Writer’s Capital Foundation’s Panorama International Literature Festival Awards were announced today, recognizing outstanding literary works from the festival held from 1-31 January 2023.

The prestigious Panorama Golden Award 2023 was presented to Raymond N Whitaker Jr. from the United States, for his exceptional literary contribution. The Alfredo Pasolino Memorial Panorama International Literary Awards 2023 were awarded to sixteen other writers, including Hamid Larbi from France, Arena Lucia from Italy, Angeliki Stratidaki from Greece, and Raúl Hernández Correa from the USA/Cuba.

The Panorama International Youth Award was given to nine young writers, including Montzerrat Lincona from Mexico, Jay Rose Ana from the UK, and Alexandra Koligioti from Greece. The Panorama Special Jury Award recognized the exceptional writing skills of Antonietta Micali from Italy, Chaitali Sengupta from the Netherlands, and Manosi Saha from Canada.

The Panorama Wordsmith’s Prize (Fiction) was awarded to Chrisa Charlampidou and Ioanna Lazarou from Greece, and Olga Alanis from Mexico. The Panorama Prodigy Award recognized the exceptional literary talent of Karnav Rastogi from India, Despotidis Dimosthenis from Greece, and Austin Ajit, Aadya Shanmukhi Palaparthi, and Nairithi from India.

Congratulating all delegates and awardees, Preeth Nambiar, the president and CEO of the foundation, reminded them that awards do not define the caliber of a writer but are just a perspective of the jury. He urged all poets to continue contributing to literature that brings positive changes to the world.

Writers Capital Foundation Secretary General Irene Doura Kavadia congratulated the awardees, highlighting the tough competition and the difficult task the jury faced in determining the winners. Foundation Chief Operating Officer Johanna Devadayavu emphasized that the judging process considered not just the writer’s caliber, but also their contributions to humanitarian values.

The Panorama International Literature Festival is an annual, multilingual literary festival to inspire writers to spread humanitarian values through their literary works and promotes cultural exchange between nations to foster global peace and harmony. The festival celebrates themes that are relevant to the concept of one world and encourages prominent writers from across the world to participate.

Panorama Golden Award 2023

Raymond N Whitaker Jr, USA

Alfredo Pasolino Memorial Panorama International Literary Awards 2023

  • Hamid Larbi, France
  • Arena Lucia, Italy
  • Angeliki Stratidaki, Greece
  • Raúl Hernández Correa, USA/Cuba
  • Hamid Larbi, France
  • Dora Muñoz, Spain
  • Athanasia Katsigianni, Greece
  • Gloria Castaño, Colombia
  • Maruzzella Parodi Royo, Chile
  • Leo Acosta, Nicaragua
  • Kostas Katehis, USA
  • Gabriella Paci, Italy
  • Norma Marina Solis Zavala, Peru
  • Pedro Peglez, Cuba
  • Aneek Chatterjee, India
  • Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, India

Panorama International Youth Award

  • Montzerrat Lincona, Mexico
  • Jay Rose Ana, UK
  • Alexandra Koligioti, Greece
  • Ingrid Caro Tobias, Colombia/Italy
  • Shehla Ashkar, India
  • Riccardo Gaffuri, Italy
  • Mariela Cordero García, Venezuela
  • Fer de la Cruz, USA
  • Manuela Cecchetti, Italy
  • Srishti Sharma, Canada

Panorama Special Jury Award

  • Antonietta Micali, Italy
  • Chaitali Sengupta, Netherlands
  • Manosi Saha, Canada
  • Suja Jayaprakash Menon, Bahrain
  • Rajeev Moothedath, India

Panorama Wordsmith’s Prize (Fiction)

  • Chrisa Charalampidou, Greece
  • Ioanna Lazarou, Greece
  • Olga Alanis, Mexico

Panorama Prodigy Award

  • Karnav Rastogi, India
  • Despotidis Dimosthenis, Greece
  • Austin Ajit, India
  • Aadya Shanmukhi Palaparthi, India
  • Nairithi, India