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Panorama International Literature Festival 2024

Bridging cultures, uniting nations

Welcome to the virtual marvel that is the Panorama International Literature Festival (PILF) 2024! Spanning 87 countries, PILF is a global celebration of literature’s boundless power. In the digital expanse of January 2024, esteemed writers and readers will convene from around the world, crafting connections and embracing diverse stories. PILF is more than an event; it’s a testament to the unifying spirit of words, proving that even in the virtual realm, literature creates bridges, fostering understanding, and kindling the flames of creativity. Join us for this extraordinary virtual odyssey, where cultures converge, and the shared love for literature knows no virtual boundaries.

In the vibrant landscape of PILF 2024, geographical distances fade into insignificance. From the heart of Greece to the corners of the world, this virtual festival transcends screens, inviting literary enthusiasts on a global journey. With 87 countries contributing to this digital mosaic, PILF promises an immersive experience where stories become pathways to understanding, empathy, and unity. Join us in January 2024 and let your literary adventure begin!

Theme of PILF 2024

Agni: The Spark

At the heart of the Panorama International Literature Festival (PILF) 2024 flickers the profound theme, “Agni: The Spark.” This theme encapsulates the essence of creation and destruction, echoing the dual nature of fire. In the digital expanse of our festival, “Agni: The Spark” becomes a guiding beacon, illuminating the path for writers, readers, and thinkers alike. It symbolizes the transformative power of literature, akin to the ancient concept of Agni, representing not only physical fire but also the fire within us – the spark of passion, creativity, and change.

As we delve into this theme in January 2024, we invite you to explore the multifaceted aspects of Agni. It’s more than a flame; it’s the force that kindles creativity, sparks conversations, and ignites the spirit of innovation. “Agni: The Spark” serves as a reminder of our shared humanity, urging us to delve into the depths of literature to understand the world and ourselves better. Through this theme, PILF becomes a platform where ideas blaze, illuminating the digital realm with stories that inspire, inform, and challenge.

Panorama International Literary Awards

At the culmination of our literary extravaganza, the Panorama International Literature Awards stand as the crowning glory, celebrating literary excellence and honouring the trailblazers of the written word. Among these prestigious accolades, the revered Panorama Golden Award shines brightly, a beacon of recognition for a lifetime dedicated to the craft of storytelling. Bestowed annually, the Panorama Golden Award is a testament to a writer’s lasting legacy, an acknowledgment of a literary journey that has inspired generations and left an indelible mark on the world.

In addition to the Panorama Golden Award, our awards roster includes the Panorama International Literary Awards, the Youth Awards, and the Special Jury Awards. Each award is a testament to the power of unique voices, diverse perspectives, and the boundless potential of literature. Writers who join us at the Panorama International Literature Festival not only become part of a global literary family but also stand a chance to be recognized, honored, and celebrated for their literary contributions. Join us, and let your words find a home amidst the stars of literary recognition.


With participation from over 78 countries, Panorama Festivals are being conducted with the support of a team of writers, artists and volunteers from across the world who are striving hard to translate the vision and mission of the foundation into reality.

Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar

Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar

Chairman & CEO

The Panorama International Arts & Literature Festivals are the brainchild of Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, an esteemed Indian poet, journalist, and educationist. He serves as the Founder President of the Writers Capital International Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering cultural connections and global unity. Hailing from the culturally rich city of Mysore, India, Nambiar passionately believes in the profound interconnectedness of the universe, life, and cultures worldwide. He asserts that embracing this interrelatedness is pivotal for establishing peace and harmony globally. According to Nambiar, literature, arts, and various creative expressions hold the transformative power necessary for this endeavor.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Nambiar is an environmental advocate, championing equal rights for all living beings on Earth. He firmly asserts that human beings are not inherently superior and advocates for the harmonious coexistence of all life forms. Additionally, he serves as a Permanent Councillor to the International Council for Diplomacy and Justice (ICDJ) in Italy, furthering his commitment to international understanding and cooperation.

Irene Doura Kavadia

Irene Doura Kavadia

Chief Coordinator

Irene Doura-Kavadia, the Secretary-General of the Writers Capital International Foundation, is a multifaceted individual – an educationist, linguist, author, and humanitarian. Originating from Athens, Greece, she graduated from the Faculty of German Language and Literature at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her academic achievements include a Specialisation in Contrastive Linguistics earned through her dissertation and a Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Computational Linguistics from the National Technical University, Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

In her influential role, Irene actively shapes the global vision of the Writers Capital Foundation. She also holds the position of Editor-in-Chief at Writers International Edition and Writers Edition Magazine, essential platforms for literary discourse. Beyond her scholarly pursuits, she imparts knowledge as a linguist, foreign language teacher, translator, and esteemed speaker at both national and international forums. Irene’s contributions span the realms of education, literature, and linguistic expertise, making her a valuable asset to the literary community.


“Panorama festival was a life-changing experience for me. It helped me to open up doors towards new horizons in literature.”

Johanna Devadayavu

Poet & Humanitarian, Switzerland / India

“I still cherish the connections that I made during the Panorama festival which have helped me define what I am today to a great extent.”
Caroline Laurent Turunc

Multi-Lingual Poet & Humanitarian, France / Turkey

“Panorama Festival was a new beginning for me as a poet and writer as it prompted me to open up my wings to an international career.”

Christos Sanos

Multilingual Poet & Translator, Greece

“I have been considering writing as merely an intellectual exercise, however, the Panorama festival helped me to realise how to make it useful for society.”

Kari Krenn

Poet & Dancer, Argentina

“The greatest experience that I had during Panorama Festival was the realisation of how much could be done for humanity through the medium of literature.”

Meher Pestonji

Poet & Journalist, India

“The vividness of culture that I experienced at the Panorama Festival was heart-warming. The more we learn about cultures, the more we grow in the field of writing.”

Ali Al Hazmi

Author & Poet, Saudi Arabia










Writers Capital Foundation is an international non-profit, non-political and non-religious literary organization for writers and creators across the world.


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